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Welcome to Excel Premium, a community of Ultimate athletes and coaches who are dedicated to becoming the best player and coach they can be. This article serves as a guide to help you get started on your journey with us. This is a journey I have been on for almost 10 years, and I am excited to share everything I’ve learned along the way with you. As a reminder, registration is open if your ready to take the next step!

Rowan McDonnell


Make the Most Out of Your Membership

The first thing that every member should do is explore the ‘Courses’ tab. This is where our members have unlimited access to over 40 exclusive Ultimate training videos. Search around to see what you want to watch first. This tab is organized by topics. Each topic has multiple episodes that come together to create a comprehensive course. Currently up and ready are:

Snippet of Excel Premium’s library

After scrolling through and looking at the episodes, go ahead and click one that stands out to you. After selecting an episode, you will be transferred to a page that hosts the entire course where you can pick out the episode you would like to watch. Underneath the episode will be the other episodes in the course, if you would like to continue learning about the topic at hand. You can move to a different topic by selecting a thumbnail of your choice in the ‘featured video’ slide at the bottom or moving back to the main page. 

Ultimate tutorials aren’t the only content you will find on the courses tab. Enjoy skill building drills, film breakdowns, player interviews, and whiteboard strategy sessions. There is also a do-it-yourself cutting class you can train along with to increase your skills instantly. 

Are we missing something you want to see? A lot of our ideas and content comes from you. Message us on Instagram to request an episode, course, player interview, or new types of content. 

New Monthly Content

All premium members get new, exclusive content each month. You can check the ‘Coming Soon’ banner on the courses tab to see what new episodes and courses are coming down the pipeline. 

Along with full episodes and courses, special content will be uploaded to enhance the premium experience. We will consistently bring interactive and educational material to the platform for players of all skill levels. 

Our Community Platform

Perhaps our most valuable page on the entire platform is the community tab. While this page is open to everyone, we highly recommend our premium members check this out when they get a chance. This page stores our Ultimate training and theory articles, ‘The Edge Podcast’, and Excel’s community partners. 

The community platform is also where we will host upcoming changes, announcements, and updates to our platform. We also are excited to promote other Ultimate training material here to give you every resource available to become the best player and coach you can be.

The Future of Excel

There are already projects undertaken to bring more value to your membership right now. Imagine being one click away from a focused practice plan for your team. Need to improve your end zone play? Here is 2 hours of drills, activities, and focused scrimmaging improving your endzone set. Unsure what certain parts of the practice plan mean? Each part will have it’s own link to a breakdown of the drill or activity listed so you can coach it correctly. We understand how daunting planning a practice can be. Let us do the work for you.

Other projects on the horizon for 2020 and early 2021 include dynamic modules, progress tracking, pod training, and Ultimate documentaries. Some of these ideas are being designed as you read this. Lastly, while Excel Ultimate is the largest online Ultimate Frisbee training website, we do have our sights set on national and international live clinics. Let us know where to go first.

The Excel Team

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