by Rowan McDonnell and Jack Williams

Full Form Breakdowns

This exclusive ultimate training program focuses on improving your throwing. With specialized content for your skill level, members will recieve throwing form breakdowns, training guidance, and a consultation session to help craft your plan.

Custom cues, drills & more

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this program will give you a consistent training platform to reach the level of play you desire.




“Can’t express how helpful this program has been, being coached by two of the best players in the world has helped me develop so much in so little time.”
Modo, Egypt

“As a college player with limited resources I was eager to improve my game. I dedicated myself to becoming the best all around player I could be. Now I am proud to share an ultimate training program covering all the skills for ultimate success with YOU.”

Jack Williams, USA


Rowan Mcdonnell

Rowan has built Excel Ultimate from a trick-throw YouTube channel into the world’s best resource for aspiring ultimate players and coaches. Rowan has played, coached & trained ultimate full time for the past decade. Excel is where he shares all of his knowledge and experience with you.

Jack Williams

Jack is the reigning #1 player in the world. He currently plays for New York’s professional team, the Empire. Alongside 2 AUDL championships Jack has a USA National Championship & a USA World Games gold medal.