Goal Setting: Map Your Journey For Ultimate Success

This article aims to highlight some of my personal takeaways from my personal journey over the years as I developed into an Ultimate player and coach. Below are some ways I approached my Ultimate Frisbee goals. Sign up for Excel Premium and get started chasing your...

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Winning in the Air: Secrets to Skying Any Opponent

Photo: Leonardo Tronconis Winning in the air is a culmination of certain skills. Perhaps two of the most important of the bunch are, how high you can jump and how well you can read the disc. The exciting part is that both of these skills can be improved upon with the...

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Returning To Ultimate: 3 Things You Need to Know First

Many players take the term “OFF season” a bit too literally, and end up not training much, if at all, for the sport after the season ends. This is especially true with Ultimate being put on hold for most of the world.  It will return and as practices and tournaments...

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7 Throwing Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

The Forehand is actually ‘The Forehands’ For several years I have come around to the conclusion that players should not just develop one stock forehand but rather develop the ability to throw a variety of different forehands. It is important for several reasons, first...

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The Underappreciated Art In Ultimate: Let’s Talk Defense

In Ultimate, offense seems to get all the love. Even on Excel Ultimate, our premium library is full of throwing tutorials, cutting tips, and offensive strategies. Yet defensive is half the game and the beauty of Ultimate is that everyone has to play defense at some...

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The Invisible Energy in Ultimate

The Invisible Energy in Ultimate. Is the mental side of the sport holding you back from your true potential?   All of the skills and athleticism in the world means nothing if you cannot materialize them when they count the most. Take a second to check in to your...

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